Welcome to the Engineering Fictions Press, a website intended to host formal and informal publications emerging out of the Engineering Fictions sessions.

This website will be used as a way of archiving and reflecting on the Engineering Fictions sessions that have taken place since its inception amongst telecommunications engineering researchers in CTVR/CONNECT, at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Engineering Fictions (ef) is a writing workshop created by Jessica Foley. Its process has been iteratively devised over the years to support  reflection, creative inquiry and communication through improvised word play, writing and conversation.

Each session provides a meeting-place for thought experiment with an awareness and appreciation of various forms and traditions of knowledge and making. The bespoke and collaborative design of each session affords people a time and meeting-place to creatively explore and respond to ideas, questions and doubts relating in some way to technology and communication, through fiction and poetics.

The structure of ef is based on the roles of a host (the person and place that frames, facilitates and holds the session open), a catalyst (a person who wishes to share something at stake for them with an open-minded group) and a seed-topic (prepared in dialogue between the host and catalyst) which happens within the shifting forum of people who gather into each session. The final role is that of a temporary community of others who gather to listen, converse and write in response to the seed-topic.

The ef sessions change over time and in contingency with the context and people involved. Each session can typically accommodate 10-12 members who participate through a flexible, co-devised framework developed between the host and catalyst. The time and place of the sessions depends on the context, the catalyst and the seed of each session.

ef is hosted and curated by Jessica Foley.

For more information, please visit www.engineeringfictions.org.